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  • Title: Jade Warrior
  • Release year: 2006
  • Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy
  • Director: Antti-Jussi Annila
  • Actors: Tommi Eronen, Markku Peltola, Jingchu Zhang, Krista Kosonen, Hao Dang, Taisheng Chen, Elle Kull, Liansheng Tong, Qiupu Tao, Xiaomei Tong, Antti-Jussi Annila
  • Movie length: 110 min.

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Such actors like Xiaomei Tong, Jingchu Zhang, Tommi Eronen make this Fantasy movie fantastic. Conclusion, Jade Warrior movie is 100% best movie in Fantasy genre in 2006. Stars like Xiaomei Tong, Jingchu Zhang, Tommi Eronen made this great film even greater. Jade Warrior was filmed in 2006 and belongs to Fantasy genre. Film run time is 110 mins. Just my conclusion. Jade Warrior movie is just a nice for one time watch. It could have been a decent film but they ruined it with that old picture. Jade Warrior would show you an impressive and really wonderful story with participation of very famous and best actors like: Xiaomei Tong, Jingchu Zhang, Tommi Eronen. And you would like to watch the film because it is one of the pleasing actions in Fantasy genre. The acting of Xiaomei Tong makes it really unordinary and wonderful. Without any doubts, Jade Warrior is one of the best actions of 2006. Length: 110. We can tell for sure that the movie would bring you tons of enjoyment from watching Jade Warrior. Hey? Still waiting? We know that you will gonna take pleasure in this film.

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Films in Fantasy niche bring you a lot of nice positive emotions? Then just get congratulations because now u came to the right place with one of the best movies of year 2006 in this niche. Jade Warrior is a good film and there are a lot of wonderful actors like Hao Dang, Elle Kull, Tommi Eronen, Liansheng Tong, Krista Kosonen who are playing their roles so earnestly. Length of the film is 110 mins that allow you to get pleasure watching catchy scenes with Hao Dang in the main role.

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