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  • Title: Sahara
  • Release year: 2005
  • Movie genres: Action; Adventure; Comedy
  • Director: Breck Eisner
  • Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penélope Cruz, William H. Macy, Rainn Wilson, Delroy Lindo, Lambert Wilson, Lennie James, Robert Cavanah, Jude Akuwudike, Mark Aspinall, Rakie Ayola, Christopher Bello, Nicholas Beveney, Empotoe Bosage, Breck Eisner
  • Movie length: 119 min.

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Sahara movie is a pretty decent movie, filled with much of stunning moments.

Don't be against and don't miss a chance of having so much delight examining this Sahara and you would not and could not stay disappointed or something like this. This is certainly one of the best of all movies in the Action genre in year 2005. So, all the stuff we wish to advise you to do – is to sit comfortable and to start getting so much delight examining the video with participation of well-known actors: Lennie James, Christopher Bello, Empotoe Bosage. The duration of the tape is 119 minutes and this cool time would bring you so much cool pleasurable emotions!

This is one movie I'd definitely recommend to watchers with middle school aged kids. It's not overly cheesy or bad in my personal opinion. The casting is great too, Lennie James is ok for the role, very impressive and proper for the personality.

Hey! Still waiting? We know that you 100% will like this movie.

Just my feeling. Sahara film is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a good film but they ruined it with the old music.

If you are a fan of a Adventure movies then you should get congratulations cause it is one of the greatest actions ever in this niche. The movie Sahara of 2005 year. Starring Rakie Ayola, Matthew McConaughey, Christopher Bello, Jude Akuwudike, Lambert Wilson are acting so great and there are some moment when you forget that it is film and start perceive it like a real world. Some moments are very long and dialogs are sometimes a little bit boring too and that is why the durating of the film is 119 minutes. Watch Sahara now and we hope you would love it.

Sahara movie belongs to Adventure genre and was released in 2005. Rakie Ayola is one of my best actors (who does not enjoy Rakie Ayola?) and sure this was the main reason why I had to to see this picture. Rakie Ayola was the actor who had some magic, who had his own reality. And yes, Sahara picture is a truly one of the best picture in Adventure genre in 2005. Movie running time is 119 m.

In general this is a good picture for fans of Rakie Ayola. It starts pretty fast, slows up a bit in the middle. Action is good although I really hated a couple moments excessive use of fixed scenes that was a reason why I docked another point but after all it was amusing. Sahara I loved a lot and find it to be obvious to follow.

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