Watch Nosferatu 1922 full movie

  • Title: Nosferatu
  • Release year: 1922
  • Movie genres: Horror
  • Director: F.W. Murnau
  • Actors: Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schröder, Alexander Granach, Georg H. Schnell, Ruth Landshoff, John Gottowt, Gustav Botz, Max Nemetz, Wolfgang Heinz, F.W. Murnau
  • Movie length: 94 min.

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You got great movie to watch right now. Here we gather free links to enjoy Nosferatu. This film to me wasn't like many of the Horror packed films that I watched. This film was unique because it more secret and let me get closer and understand the main character. This film definitely is plenty action and there wasn't a moment where I was shocked or bored from the film. This action, Nosferatu of 1922 year really makes people who watch it impressed about watching it! And we strongly recommend you to watch the action getting a lot of great emotions about watching it! Sometimes it is funny and there are some times with so deep ideas, it is really cool. The acting of Alexander Granach, F.W. Murnau makes it even greater. Just believe us that it is one of the best of all movies in Horror niche and that you would regret that the running time of the action just 94 m wishing to watch some more of it in the end. I hope you will love Nosferatu film. Thank you. :-)

Just my feeling. Nosferatu movie is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a cool movie but they had to ruin it with that archaic music. Great suspenseful and mostly charming. Nice special effects for a low budget flick. Excellent storyline a good surprise around every corner. Nosferatu would be so interesting for all real fans of Horror genre. It is cool and everything here looks so great. Here you would find great acting of your beloved celebrities like Ruth Landshoff, Gustav von Wangenheim, John Gottowt, Max Schreck, Greta Schröder who are real pro and definitely know everything in acting. Yes, some acting scenes are long and boring and that's why the duration of the film in 94 m. But it is the problem of director of the , nor the actors. So, if you like to see some average long film of year 1922 then Nosferatu is before you! Still waiting? Begin watching the movie right now. Bookmark this movie; and share it.